Monday, December 5, 2011

Twin Bed Dilemma

My head is all over the place with this house. One minute I am planning the master, the next I am thinking  of the kids' room. The little guys will still be sharing a room, which quite frankly, is the way they want it. They love being together, it's freakin' adorable. 

So, they are currently bunking it with this baby:

We originally were worried that Romes would roll off a bed, so this was the best option considering her mattress is on the floor. Its worked out great for them, but now that their bedroom is expanding, I would really like to have them in side-be-side twin beds so they can see each other while they chat at night. 

If I had it in my budget, I would instantly scoop up two of these spindle beds from Land of Nod:

I have a very unhealthy obsession with this bed! Its a lil' throwback to 19th century Sweden, but it comes with a hefty price tag...well for me. I just can't bring myself to spend $500 on one bed, and if you can't do the math, that's a grand for both! 

So I started to scour the internet for a Jenny Lind bed knock-off and came up short! Totally sucks! So I moved on to search for just a nice, white, twin bed, and that proved to be difficult too! Who knew there was a shortage of cute, affordable, twin beds?

Here are some of my options. First up is a shaker style bed, which comes from Walmart, and is priced at $168. It actually goes with the style of the finishes in our house, awesome. However, I am not sure if it will look cheap upon arrival. I found this exact same bed on Overstock for $240 so this is definitely a bargain.

Next up is another bed I found at Walmart. This one is metal, and does have similar lines to the Jenny Lind, but I just don't know if I can get in to the whole metal thing. Priced reasonably at $160,

Lastly, I could go the IKEA route. I found this bed for a mere $40. Now that's a deal! It's made out of real wood. Its not white, but because its unfinished I could paint it any color I want.

So seriously, what do you all think? Knowing that I dream of the Jenny Lind bed, which option should I go with? Anyone know of anywhere else I can go to check out some affordable twin bed options? I can't believe I am having such a hard time finding a cute, white one! Crazy!


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  2. I vote for the Ikea one, its cute and cheap and you can paint it any color. Since Handy Dani is on the case I know you will make it awesome! I still also love the idea of bunk beds.... they are just so fun.

  3. I love bunk beds too but the room has windows on every wall and it just won't look right.