Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feeling Blue...

You may or may not remember from this post that I had planned on doing a gray and yellow color scheme for the master. I had planned on painting the room a deep gray, and my inspiration was this:

Well, Micah and I had decided on a color after we swatched a few on the wall:

The color that we chose is Heavy Goose, by Martha Stewart, and it's the the color in the middle, all the way to left. We tried to take into consideration that the room is small and wanted to avoid anything too dark.

So again, we gathered reinforcements, and were on our merry way.

Seeing the color on the wall, we knew we had made the right choice...that is, until we came back the next day. During the day, it appears much more blue than gray. Which is weird, because we looked at the swatches in both daylight and at night. The only thing I can think of, is that against all the other colors, Heavy Goose appeared more gray.

It's so hard to get an accurate shot of color through a camera. Here is one with a contrast:

In these pictures, it looks more gray! Regardless, we still love it! We just need to re-think the bedroom color scheme. I hate when I am dead set on an idea and then have to change it. I am notoriously indecisive, and it really does take me an annoyingly long time to commit to anything.  

Here are some more inspirations:

This shot still has some yellow thrown in the mix, but the rest of the room is quite subtle. Knowing how the camera play tricks with color, this looks very similar to the color we have going on in the room.

You can see that the above wall color definitely has blue undertones. For the most part, they have a monochromatic color scheme going on and the can get away with it because the walls exude two colors, blue and gray.

 Love, love, love this! And I would bet money that the wall color is the exact same color as mine. Pops of yellows, oranges and reds, balanced with neutrals, makes this room stand out. I just adore all the silhouettes!!!

We've been busy laying down the wood floors and I promise to update every one soon!


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