Saturday, December 3, 2011

About Those Floors...

Things are moving along in this ol' shack! We're hoping to move within the next two weeks! We've ripped up the existing floors, have already laid down the tile throughout the house (pictures later, its covered up) and plan on tackling the hardwood in the bedrooms this weekend. 

Here's a shot of the floors when we first purchased the house:

And here's a shot of the floor in the hallway:

A lot of people were wondering why we were getting rid of marble floors? Well, first, they just weren't our style. We didn't dig the pattern they created nor did we dig the sheen. At certain parts of the day, like early morning, the floors looked bright, but for the most part, they were really dark and heavy. Also, the floors had these imperfections that drove me crazy, as you can see here:

So, away went the floors! And let me tell you, when they left, we hit the floor goldmine! Underneath it all was this:

Travertine! Why would travertine make us so excited? It's a very flat, and leveled floor that makes laying down anything much easier! Yay!

So what's going down???? Throughout the house we installed porcelain tiles that mimic marbleThe color we chose was Crema Marfil, which is the exact tile in my parent's house (thanks mom!) The tiles had to be installed by professionals as the grout line is very thin, 1/16 of an inch! Here's a shot of the sample tile we brought home:

And here's a shot at an angle, so you can see how nice and shiny it is!

The tile we installed, is 24" x 24", not the size of the above sample.

As for the bedrooms, we are laying down hardwood floors this weekend! The color is called Cognac and each plank is 4.25" thick. Here are two samples interlocked:

As much as laminate has come a long way, I have always dreamed of having hard wood! Well, for now, all I have are sample shots to tease you with! As soon as we are done, I promise to share more shots with everyone! 

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