Sunday, December 11, 2011

All in a Days Work

Actually, its more like two days work. We've been busy getting the hardwood floors down and thank goodness for some much needed family reinforcements! 

The in-laws came down and did some hard labor, while my parents were on kid duty. We really couldn't have knocked out the floors without everyone's help!

It started out with a lot of prep work. That means cleaning up, grinding high spots, leveling low spots, and laying down under-layment. This red, bubbly plastic allows for ventilation under the floors to keep moisture from getting trapped and morphing, or damaging, the floors.

After the prep work, we moved on to the fun stuff! Everyone had a job, Micah's pops lay down the floor, Micah cut, and Linda handed over pieces, and searched for proper sizes. Me? Honestly, I was on painting duty. More on that on a later day.

As soon as the floors started being put down I literally did a happy dance. I just couldn't contain myself. 

For the most part, it wasn't too difficult. The most challenging part was cutting the floors perfectly to fit. 

We used spacers where the floor meets the wall to allow the floor to expand and contract. My father-in-law had to screw the suckers in because they kept popping out!

And now, the final result.....

Gorgeous, right? I can't wait to get the baseboard on. Thanks you to all that helped!!! We couldn't have done it without you. I'll be back soon to share pictures of the other rooms.

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