Monday, December 26, 2011

Master Bath Motivation

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday! We spent a week in the Keys and got some much needed R&R. This whole house business has utterly consumed us, and as much fun as its been, its become our kryptonite. We hope, let's cross our fingers, that we start moving in this Saturday. (We'd really like to avoid paying an extra months rent.) Now that means two things 1. We will be moving in without a kitchen and 2. We will be moving in without the master bath completed. We'll make due though. We have one entirely functioning bathroom and there is also a small bathroom off the pool. The kitchen, well that will pretty much suck, but we do have plans of putting together a make-shift kitchen to tide us over. 

So let's focus on the master bathroom. It has come a long way since we first purchased the house.

We started out with a tiny little space and thoughtfully came up with the idea to remove two small closets, which then enlarged the bathroom considerably.

We got the idea for the shower nook from this picture:

So, you are probably sitting at the edge of your seat wondering with anticipation what in the world we have planned for this little space. Sadly, we are still in the early planning stages of this project. Here are some inspiration pictures that we are referencing...

I love the simplicity of this bathroom. What we hope to take away from this, is the open vanity.

I love this color scheme, and I also love the little storage nook built in to the wall. We plan on doing something like that in the shower to house all of our cleansing necessities. If I could, I would splurge big time on that vanity. It's from Restoration Hardware and comes with a hefty price tag...

You can own one of these lovely stainless steal and Cararra marble vanities for $2000. Uh, yeah, that is three zeros after that two. I have searched and searched, to no avail, to find a similar vanity. If anyone has seen one, please let me know!

And there it is again, taunting me! Other notable items in this bathroom are the marble tiles and the built-in look of the tub.

That mirror is gorgeous! Much too big for our master bathroom. The vanities are great, and are very craftsman.

 This is such a bright bathroom! We are considering using subway tiles too.

Micah was really attracted to two things in the above bathroom. The first was the floating vanities, and the second was the gray tile.

We liked the idea of closing in the shower and creating a door, but we haven't committed to this idea. 

Another floating vanity that Micah loves.

All in all, we are struggling with making one decision. Whether to tile all the bathroom walls, or just the shower area. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated! 

So back to our ideas for the master bath. While at our favorite flooring store, Floors and Decor, I snapped this shot and sent it to Micah:

It was pretty much love at first sight. I knew that Micah really wanted the floors to be gray and I thought it would be a nice compliment to the gray walls in our bedroom. We've committed to this tile and are stoked to put it down. Now the white Cararra marble tiles are me just dreaming. I would LOVE to have these installed in my bathroom, and heck, I would take it just in the shower. At $12 a square foot though, it would cost us about $1000 to just tile the shower! A girl can dream though.

As for the vanity, we are still looking around for something affordable,  but we are considering building one. Here is our inspiration:

We think we could bust one of these babies out for cheap. We both love how open it feels, while still providing some space for knick- knacks.

So seriously, what do you guys think, tile the entire bathroom or just the shower?

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