Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oyster Shell...AKA: The Color We Finally Agreed On

Micah's holiday gift to me may have not excited most women, but I did a little happy dance when I saw it....


It's hard to tell with the cute bow, but it's a paint sprayer.

Oh, the projects we can do! Of course, we put it in to good use right away, painting the walls and finally, yes finally, finishing them! Each time we painted, my contractor husband kept seeing minor imperfections he had to patch, which led to three more coats over the compound. Frustrating!

By the way, I don't think I shared with everyone the paint color we finally agreed on for the house. This was such a point of contention between Micah and I, but our deal is to always find an agreement, and it always turns out that our compromise is the best choice!

I really just wanted white walls. I thought that white would be bright and open up the space and I was afraid that any color would close the house in. Also, in a living space that is constantly changing, I prefer to have a neutral backdrop with constant-changing accessories. Micah was gung-ho for beige (also neutral.) After several, and I mean several, swatches we agreed on Oyster Shell by Gliddon:

We then had the shade reduced by 25%. I'm stoked because in the light, it appears white, unless you look at the trim, which is a bright white. So while my kids were doing this (they have been such good sports with this whole house renovation!):

I was busy painting the ceiling where the paint had infiltrated due to the back spray of the sprayer.

My husband was spraying the walls away for a final product that looked like this:

We are having the placed cleaned today and painting, and installing, the trim tomorrow! It's all coming to an end and our projected move-in day for this Saturday is looking good!

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