Monday, December 12, 2011

There's Always Option B

I have been doing some serious window shopping on the web. Not that I can afford anything right now (my pockets are feeling very light ever since renovations started.) What I have found though, is that nearly everything has an option B (except for that pesky Jenny Lind bed...more on that here.) Here are just a handful of examples on how you can easily find a cheaper version of anything.

Overstock - $227

Walmart - $129

This is the bed I mentioned in a previous post. Exact same bed, nearly a $100 difference!

Restoration Hardware - $2095

Home Decorators - $469

I love Restoration Hardware, but all their stuff is so darn expensive! While browsing for a bathroom vanity for the master bath, I found a very similar vanity at Home Decorator's for almost $1500 less! It even has an extra shelf. I am not digging this for me, but it's a great bargain regardless!

Crate and Barrel - $1659

Home Decorators - $799

Love the juxtaposition of the reclaimed wood and the metal legs! Loving that the Home Decorators dining table is half the price.

Room and Board - $424
Overstock - $145.53

What a deal. At Room and Board, you can get your hands on just one of these classic white Eames chair for $424, or you can head on over to Overstock and pick up two of them for $145. I actually have these chairs and I can attest that they are great quality chairs.

Room and Board - $799
Walmart - $159

Here's the bed I featured in my mood board for the bedroom. I found the same exact Parsons style bed al Walmart. for way cheaper. 

Madeline Weinrib - $1000
Overstock - $155

I have been coveting the Madeline Weinrib zig zag rug for years. But I am just too cheap to drop a G on a rug. I am totally planning on getting the Alexa Chevron rug though, either for my room, or the kids. 

Room and Board - $440
Home Decorators - $129

Love the metal chair, hate the price tag. In comes Home Decorators, yet again, knocking off a few hundred dollars from the price tag.

You do have to be careful about the quality, but in situations like the white twin bed, it's a no brainer!

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