Friday, December 16, 2011

The Floors Are Done!

We have finally finished all the floors in the house! Micah and I worked on the master bedroom this week....

You are probably looking at these pictures and wondering what the heck the little blue pieces of tape are doing on the wall. Well, after we painted two beautiful coats of Heavy Goose on the wall, we noticed some imperfections ("some," might actually be an understatement.) It wasn't only in this room, but nearly every room in the house!

We're the kinda folks that believe, if you put this much work in to something, you better do it right! So we are having to skim these babies and then off to yet another coat of paint. I'm crossing my fingers I will be able to get away with just spot painting.

This house has been a labor of love, and obviously there were some things we just couldn't do, but doing everything that we could, really has paid off. Here's a little break down of what we've saved:
         Demolition                                   $500       
         Painting the ceiling and the entire house    $1800
         Labor to lay down the wood floors            $2400                 
         Total Saving                                 $4700

If you add in trim installation, which we will tackle after Christmas, that grand total is really $5700! Now that's money going to our kitchen fund!

Well, we are off to a much needed week long vacation in the Keys. Wishing everyone a happy holiday!

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