Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year = New House

Happy New Year! We spent all day moving yesterday, as well as doing some moving today, but we spent the first day of the new year in our very first home! We decided to commemorate this day with a lil' family photo, that we plan to do each year. It's a way to watch the house progress (not to mention watch that beautiful royal poinsettia grow!)

This project was a piece of cake, and I was able to put it together amidst all the chaos, which currently looks like this:

I simply printed numbers off a template I found at Martha Stewart's website on to nice paper. I then used a box (we had plenty laying around) to cut a backing to give the numbers support. Lastly, I adhered the backing with some good ol' spray adhesive.

Voila! Can't wait to do it next year and compare the two pictures. I'm betting that next year, our house trim will be white, there won't be furniture outside, and I won't be wearing my workout clothes, a.k.a. moving clothes!


  1. Happy New Year!! the progress is amazing I cant wait to see it all in person soon :) love you guys

  2. Happy New Year Dani! Love the pic (and the idea). Glad to hear you're all settled in before school starts back. Can't wait to see how the decorating comes along!