Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kids' Storage

Before we begin, some music for your ears. My good friend sends out his top songs of each year, and this was one from 2011. The song is "Sparrows," by Matt Pond PA.

I've been perusing the web, trying to get ideas on what to do with all the kids' "stuff." Between books, toys, and Cayden's beloved Legos, we are in serious need of some storage space. Before we moved, the kids had two of these...

Good ol' Billy (from Ikea.) Theirs had doors on the bottom to conceal the mess that you know kids can make! When we moved, we put these in the kids' room, but I just wasn't feeling it. So off to the web I went for inspiration ideas.

How can you go wrong with Ikea's Expedit system? And for only $200! I love that even though this baby is huge, there is still room on top to add decorative items. FYI, I will be adding a map in the kids' room! Love that idea. I purchased this one from Urban Outfitters:

Alright, so here's another great idea:

Before I even get started with the storage solution, how freakin' awesome is that chalkboard wall? Wonder if it's messy? Anyone have experience with paint-able chalkboard, I would love to know. I am considering opting for floating shelves as pictured above along one of the walls in the kid' room. I am also digging the low narrow shelf. I like that it has two puroses: 1. storage and 2. table top. I am pretty sure that this is Expedit too.


Anything look familiar with the above photo? Yup, floating shelves and a long narrow storage unit. If this isn't Ikea's Besta system, than its a really close look.

Design Mom

Again, low storage, allowing for some decorative items, and I high shelf. I really like how there is multi-levels of surface space.


First off, that bed rocks, secondly, I love the idea of a little bookshelf at the front of the bed!

Domino Magazine

The above photo is my ALL TIME FAVORITE kids room. Yes, I capitalized it! I saw this back in 2008 in Domino Magazine (RIP) and have loved it ever since. A little secret: it is my biggest inspiration for the kids' room. As for storage, I love the basket and chest in front of each bed. Romy has a ton of stuffed animals and I think it would be super cute to throw them in a low basket for everyone to see.

So many options! I'll be incorporating a little something from each of these inspiration photos. Here's the preliminary plan:

  • Two separate storage units on either side of the kids' bed. Low enough that I can add art and other decorative items above it.
  • Some kind of low shelf, or chest, in front of the bed, maybe even add a basket in front of the other bed.
  • Add some shelves, either floating, or not.
  • Decorative items to consider: map, chalkboard paint and a banner.

Well, I am off to closet land! We are so close to finishing out custom built-in hall closet! Share pictures soon!


  1. Had painted chalkboards in school and sunday school. Both worked well. Black and green.

  2. I love your inspiration rooms they are always so tasteful and homey. I totally love the chalk board Idea. I think a place for kids to express themselves is so awesome. I know you have some very talented artists planning to occupy that space so some kind of area for self expression is a must. I also love the personal space areas at the end of their beds. Being that it is a shared space I feel like some touches of personal areas are key. I can see why the final room is your favorite.
    For me, I like the fact that it really seems to show that two very different people are sharing the space but yet are at harmony. I do wish either the beds or the walls had color. Nothing wild but just a shadow of something.