Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ikea Hack is Done!

Song of the day: "Black Dirt" by Sea Wolf

In case you missed it, the journey started here. Billy's makeover is finally complete, but before you feast your eyes, please know, I put everything on the shelf pretty half-hazardly, and this is definetly not the final look.

After chopping Billy practically in half on a 33 degree angle, he got primed and painted in a semi-gloss white; the same white as all the trim in our house. 

Before painting the inside, I used wood putty to cover all the shelf holes that most Ikea bookshelves come with. I left three holes to give me some wiggle room as far as shelf height.

All in all,  I am pretty happy with it. I really wanted to paint the back, but the boss man (A.K.A. Cayden) trumped that idea. I will say, I am still considering painting the whole thing a different color. Right now, it is too white for me, but I think that's because the bedding is still white, so I am holding off for now. 

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