Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kitchen Pro Tempore

First off, hooray....we have internet! Secondly, hooray horah we've put together a temporary kitchen! But before I begin, I thought it would be fun to share the music we listen to while working on these little projects on each post. Kinda let you guys in on the action. So these are two songs off the album we had on repeat while working on this baby. The artist is Radical Face, and this album rocks. Enjoy it while you read on.

So, just to bring you up to speed, we had to gut the original kitchen because of mold issues. Strange, because it was a fairly new kitchen. Being that kitchens can cost upward to $20,000, we decided to save our pennies until: A. We knew what we really wanted to do with the layout and B. Be able to afford to make the kitchen of our dreams.

So, obviously living without a kitchen was not an option, so we put one together that will have to do for a little while. It was pretty simple. We used 2x4 to frame a kitchen cabinet to hold a cheap counter we picked up at Home Depot. We made sure the size was big enough to accommodate the dishwasher we hope to furnish in the near future.

We scored a deal on a sink and faucet and in order to get this baby in, we traced the sink onto the counter....

And then got our good friend Mr. Jigsaw to saw out just short of the line we traced of sink. (If we followed the line exactly  the sink would fall right through, rather than rest on top of the counter.)

We drilled a pilot hole making sure to keep the drill, again, on the inside of the line...

 And thar she blows....

We then carefully placed the sink in, crossing our fingers that she would fit...

And of course, commenced with a happy dance. 

With all of that behind us, we moved on to aesthetics. I mean, if I have to live with this for a few months, I would like to at least enjoy looking at it.

We started with the window sill, which was in a serious state of despair.

We aren't sure exactly what we will do with the window sills around the house, but decided it was safest to stick with good ol' fashion wood, which we measured and then cut accordingly.

It was a little bit tricky, because while we wanted the wood to span the depth of the entire sill, we also wanted to expand two inches wider than the actual window.

We had a small technical difficulty, but nothing wood filler couldn't handle!

I then painted the wood in Martha Stewart's Magenetite paint and attached it with liquid nails...

Not too shabby. There are still some gaps that we have to take care of, but I just couldn't wait to share! 
Lastly, we had to tackle concealing the storage area under the counter. Thankfully, I had a left-over shower curtain from the old house which, when cut in half horizontally, fit pefectly!

I attached the fabric to the underside of the counter using double-sided velcro..

When all is said and done, our temporary kitchen wasn't looking too bad.

Not perfect, and there is still work to do, (like plug those extra holes in the sink!) but we are really happy with the result. And for a price break down:

                      P-Trap Kit........$6
                      paint.............already had

                      grand total.......$215

Not bad for an entire working kitchen area, which really could hold us over for a few months, maybe even till summer. It's going to cost a pretty penny to get the kitchen we dream of, and we really aren't sure what to do with the layout, so this was a perfect solution....for now!  

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  1. awesome guys great work! cant wait to see it up close and personal!!! miss you 25 days and counting, yay :)