Sunday, November 27, 2011

Kitchen Dreams

The current state of our kitchen is, well, non existent, as evident by this picture:

In case you have forgotten, it originally looked like this: 

We hadn't intended on demolishing the whole kitchen, but since we were replacing the floors, we had to move the cabinets. In the process, we realized their poor quality and sent them packing. 

We are in the process of  putting dry wall up, but we will be living kitchen-less for a short while. We do plan on making a little make-shift kitchen to get us through these "dark ages," that way we can cook and avoid the heavy price tag that comes with eating out.

So now, for the fun part...thinking of our dream kitchen. We knew right away that we wanted to go with something classic. We are avoiding anything too modern, that will go out of style over the next few years. We are investing so much in to our house, we want the look to be timeless. Micah and I both agreed on a white shaker style kitchen and found some images to share with everyone so you get a better idea of what we are going for.

These pictures are some examples of the type of cabinet style we are going for, known as a shaker.

Notice how all the above kitchens are pretty much white on white? That's my dream. However, there is someone else chiming in, and the Mr. is not so into this white on white action. Micah would like more of a contrast look, like this:

Would love to hear all of your opinions on the kitchen? What do you like? White on white or a little darkness thrown in to the mix. I most likely will have to give in to Micah since he has agreed to give me open shelving in the kitchen! Here's my open shelving inspirations:

I just think that shelves open up the kitchen so much. Our kitchen is quite small and cabinets running all along the wall would really close it in. 

Well that pretty much sums up our kitchen dreams. Chime in people! I am the most indecisive gal ever and I value my friends and family opinion more than ever!


  1. I'm so jealous you get to redisign your kitchen to your own needs and taste! I'm looking forward to that day!!!! I hate having a small kitchen! Can't wait to see what you make of it!

    Love ya!

    ❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
    A Teacher's Treasure

  2. Dear Dani,
    A word to the wise about really dark countertops. I have several friends with black granite countertops and they have found that it shows every spill, smudge and crumb. My sister-in-law hates hers.

    I do love your Shaker style, but think about the upkeep on the dark countertop. Mine are light to medium and much easier upkeep.

    It's fun to watch your progress on "the shack"!

  3. Thanks for the tip Jody! I will relay that info to Micah and see if he has a change of heart :)

  4. I totally love the shaker style too! The white on white seems so clean and bright I really like it. I do feel that the dark counter tops add a bit of a modern touch and a hint of masculinity. So I guess im not really casting a vote here.... I also love the glass cabinets at least a few, I think also add to the open feel. Im really excited for you guys and cant wait to see whats next!

  5. I am with your husband :) I love the contrast between the dark and light. Both look great though!

    I love your blog! I am jealous that you are able to undertake such a big home improvement project!