Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Business Time

It's all happening! Demo. Otherwise known as business time! So just a refresher, things started out with this closet here, which is right next to our "public bathroom." We've moved the A/C unit up in to the attic and have started to take down the wall to enlarge the teeny, tiny, master bath. Here is a before shot:

And an "in progress" shot: 

As you can see from the above shot, the master bath has totally been gutted. Thanks to the removal of the master closet, it is looking much bigger! Just to give you a better picture, here is a shot of the teeny, tiny, non-existent master closet.

And of course, an "in progress" shot. We are just jumping in glee at the prospects of our bathroom. Sure, it isn't going to be huge, but it will be such an improvement from what its original layout.

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