Sunday, November 20, 2011

$ Bathroom $

Well, you know how it goes. You have a plan, you have a budget, and then spontaneously you say f*** it. We hadn't intended on demoing both bathrooms, really, I swear, but alas we did. In the process of making room for the master closets we decided that since we were damaging one wall, may as well take the whole thing out. The master bath is entirely bare, while the guest bath can be totally put back together, which is sad because I would really like to re-do it! So here is a few before shots of the guest bathroom:

The only major change in this bathroom, was removing the pesky wall that I pointed out in the first shot. It was just awkward, and taking up unnecessary room. By removing it, we can add a little storage area eventually, or a nice long vanity.

Here's what the bathroom is looking like in it's current state.

Moving on to the master bath, which got entirely gutted! There's the ol' closet that got the axe! RIP closet. 

Here is our tiny vanity. See the wall that it is leaning up against? That's the master closet. You can see how much room it is taking from this already too small bathroom.

And here's a shot of our single shower, which will transform into a double shower.

And without further adieu, the "in progress" shots! In this shot, you can see the removal of the closet that our A/C lived in.

And here's a shot from the master bedroom...Remember that little space? Yup, its what use to be the closet.

And another....

Check out the future shower! How spacious.

And a closer shot with the drywall up.

So now we have our predicament. We just can't afford to renovate both bathrooms. So we will be sharing the guest bath for a short time while we save up our pennies for the many things we want to do with this ol' shack!

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  1. Where did you get your vanity? I have seen similar ones for sale on different websites but I can't seem to find that one anywhere.