Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am super excited to share the ol' shack's floor plan with everyone. Micah and I spent so many hours putting this together, and then analyzing it, tweaking it, analyzing it some more, and tweaking it some more. It was a labor of love, but in the end, I am so happy we did it! It really helped us conceptualize what we wanted to do with the house. Honestly, some of our ideas would have never come to fruition had it not been for this floor plan. We used to create it, which was easy and straightforward. We considered using Google's floor plan application, but after reading some reviews that explained its complexity, we decided us novices should stick with something basic. So without further ado, here it is, with a bit of a breakdown of course.

1. This closet currently houses the A/C unit. As you can see, this closet cuts in to both the master bathroom and the second bathroom. We plan on moving the A/C into the attic (as small as it is) and completely getting rid of this closet to enlarge both bathrooms. 

2. The hallway wall is also being completely removed. But it is being re-incarnated into a hallway closet. The wall will become a half wall, allowing access into the hall from both sides, and is being shifted two feet in to the living room. We hated losing that space, but this house is an an oldie, and barely has closet space so we figured it was well worth it.

3. Believe it or not, this itty bitty closet is the master bedroom's closet! Well, it is getting cut from the floor plan as well. Just like the A/C closet (refer to #1), it is taking up much needed room in the master bathroom. Be removing these two closets we are going to be creating a good size bathroom for us to have.

4. Now, after reading #3, you may have been asking yourself, "Where the heck are they going to hang there clothes?" We are building a closet along this wall. The plan is to kick it back 2 feet and build a 9 foot long closet. It's no walk-in, but it is close to three times the closet space the master bedroom currently has! We are taking a small amount of space from the office. Small? Yes. Read #5 to get a better understanding of what I mean.

5. The office will not actually be losing 2 feet from the building of the master closet because we are pushing back the closet in here too! (I know, lots of closet moving!) The back wall of this closet will not sit flush with the closet doors of the back room. See that little nook in there? That's really the only space we will be losing. 

Now, of course it is hard to visualize all of these changes. Well have no fear dear friends! We have an updated floor plan for you to gaze your eyes on. I know. It's as though Christmas came early. 

Thoughts are welcome! Anyone have any suggestions? Anything we may have overlooked?

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  1. You are totally correct that storage is a huge problem in these houses! While you're in the attic - you may want to take scrap wood and plank it for additional storage. We keep ALL our holiday stuff in those Rubbermaid bins up there. I know this layout too (we have one like this across the street and behind us). It originally had another bedroom across from the first bathroom. In many other houses, the owners left that room but combined the master and the smaller room that you call the office. You're going to have some great living space though! Kitchen storage is the biggest complaint I think us homeowners have. Make sure you keep that in mind - a pantry is a HUGE bonus! It helps you stock up on good deals and save money in the long run.