Friday, February 3, 2012

We Did It: Closet Drawers

I doubted our skills, but man, was I wrong. We knocked out some amazing drawers for our closet. We were originally going to order some online, but they were going to cost us $300! So we measured, cut, and routed lots and lots of good quality, sanded, 3/4" premium pine.

The routing was to accommodate the bottoms of the drawers, which were made of 1/4" sanded plywood.

We also made good use of our Kreg Jig. We used the pilot holes to secure each piece of wood together.

From there, it was as simple as a few screws, and a  bit of shimmying.

And finally, we had a box!

Up next, was installing high-quality drawer pulls, which were purchased off Amazon, onto both the box and the cabinet itself.

Here is where things got tricky, because the measurements had to be precise. We still hadn't placed the drawer fronts, which were going to be larger than the boxes. Each measurement had to take the drawer front into consideration, as well as the small space between each drawer that would allow them to open and close with ease. We figured out that it was easiest to measure from the top of the drawer slides that were attached to the cabinet.

Finally, we had something that looked like this:

The drawer fronts were made of MDF, painted white, and we routed some lines to give it some depth

We don't have the hardware installed yet, and still need to touch up paint, not to mention wrap baseboard around the bottom to make it look built-in, but it is still looking pretty sexy.

We should be done tomorrow! I can't wait to start hanging up my clothes and get things in order around here...

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  1. I AM SO IMPRESSED! Y'all are becoming real pros.